Dorothy Fyfe Fund

Aims of the Fund

The fund exists to provide some financial support to youth members of Braid District to attend overseas events.

Required criteria

  1. The applicant should be a youth member of Braid District (i.e. aged under 18 at the completion of the expedition)
  2. The application should be attending their first overseas scouting event regardless of which Section you are currently attending
  3. The applicant may otherwise be unable attend the overseas event without the support of the fund (as attested to by the section leader)
  4. The is no maximum award and any award to any individual member will be set on an individual basis by the Sub-committee (see below)
  5. Any award must be kept strictly confidential and not divulged to any other person or member of your Group/Unit/Expedition Team. If for any reason you have to withdraw from the expedition/camp/event then you will be required to refund the full amount of any award made.

While not being specific criteria we would consider a good example of where the fund may be used is where a family has more than one young person going on the same expedition.

Application Process

Form completed by individual making an application, approved by GSL / ADC (Explorers)/ Expedition Leader, and submitted to District Chairman

The subcommittee of the District Executive (consisting of the DC, the Chairman and one other member of the executive) will review and decide on all applications. Their decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The decision is communicated to the individual applicant and expedition leader following this meeting

A summary report on applications is given to the full District Executive at each meeting.

Application Form

Click here to download the Application Form